Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Homeschooling Also Teaches

I am sitting in the recliner, still too sick to take any pics for this blog today, but feeling good enough to write. The kids brought me in the lap to so I could cruise the internet for a little bit and relist the pattern I sold this morning. I am sitting here barely able to breath with my role of toilet paper since we're out of tissues, typing in between giving my just turned 7 year old her math lesson...well, actually several math lessons because I don't have to talk as much with those. Everytime I talk, I end up in a fit of coughing. So Math it is all around today. She is learning to count on up to 18. She catches on pretty quickly, too! Sometimes I wish it would take her a little longer, because then I get a little bit more of a break in between lessons. Anyway, while I was totally KO'd yesterday in bed with a temp of almost 103, my 9 year old (well, she was 9 yesterday, today she is 10! - Happy Birthday, Shay!) cooked lunch and I'm not talking hot dog or peanutbutter and jelly....she made pizzas in the oven for herself, my husband who came home for lunch, and her little brother and sister. She made lipton chicken noodle soup with extra noodles on the stovetop for me and dished out a 1/2 a cup plain yogurt and 1 T. simply fruit for flavor, too and a banana for a very well balanced meal. 2 starches, 1 milk, 1 fruit, 2 meat from the cheese and pepperoni. Then she supplemented the roasted chicken Bob brought home from Giant Eagle by making boxed mash potatoes and microwaving some frozen green beans. How many 9/10 year old can do that? Anyway, she is now putting water on to boil and making me some coffee while trying to finish her test.

Why do I homeschool? Because it teaches so much more than just math, science, and grammar. It teaches lifeskills like cooking and nutrition, and, most importantly, it teaches COMPASSION. I wouldn't want anyone else to take care of me while I am kids are the best. Some days I wonder whether they are getting it...then I am down and out and I see how much they do get it. It is AMAZING how they can come through when you need them to the most. I love my kids. God is good.

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