Friday, May 29, 2009

Here are some pics of a quilt I just made for my neighbor who had her first grandaughter. Doesn't Tanya Whelan's Darla collection look fab? Love all her prints and how they coordinate together so perfectly. Made a few outfits for my girls in it too! I used the Kyoto pattern from Patty Young with Darla fabrics...awesome. Turned heads in church...I love to dress all 3 of my girls identically. It is getting harder now that my oldest is almost 10 and a size 12 slim.....Most patterns end at 8. I have now bought myself a French curve and am busily studying all kinds of pattern alterations! Have to go make dinner! Sew On!


  1. So..... How much would you charge to say, make Christmas dresses for my soon to be 4 and my niece? :) The little one is due on December 15, so she'd be newborn to 3 months (my kids were all 10 lbs!), then I have a 4T, 6x, and 8-10.