Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pillow Party and Sew On!

Let's Sew On! I flew through this project, making it in only a day.

Stitched in Color is having this amazing pillow contest this month, check it out to see all the amazing pillows that are being crafted this month....See, we are not alone!

Blogger's Pillow Party

OK, so here it is...the LOVE pillow. I can't believe I actually got the icon to appear. Haven't had a lot of success with stuff like that. The tough part to this project was not the sewing....it was the blogging! It's hard to sit down at the computer with 4 kids constantly coming at you from all directions...that's right...that's what homeschooling is like. I won't say it's all roses because it is NOT. But, the the "+"es definitely outweight the "-"es. OK so before I divulge all the horrors of my morning, let me get to the inspiration for this pillow....

There are two inspirations for my pillow....

1l My love of fabric

2) Love for my friend Kate

She doesn't know it yet, but I made this in honor of her. Maybe this will finally get her to read my blog. Not that she needs to because I talk to her almost every day. K8, as her friends affectionately know her by, LOVES...let me say it again because I can't get the font to get any bigger LOVES Oh, I guess I can get it to get bigger...holidays. I'm talking ALL holidays. She already has her kitchen decked out in hearts and there are more to come. The scary part is, she tells me that she has way more that she just doesn't have the motivation to get out...WOW! She has shamed me into getting more into the holidays for my kids and I figured, what a better way than to make a pillow celebrating my LOVE for my family! K8 is an awesome friend. She always picks me up when I am down and knows to say just the right thing to keep my butt in line. She doesn't know this either, but I am truly grateful to God that He let our lives cross and become friends. Oh, I guess you're waiting for a pic of the pillow...let's see if I can do this! :0) OK, so they inserted at the top of the blog and I have no idea how to move them to where I want them...Finally, figured it out. Had to go into the Edit Html...uhm, what is Html???? Anybody???

Remember, I am a sewer, not a blogger, or photographer. I have a few move photos I'd like to share, but they are probaby going to insert at the top, too! If any one can help me with my failing blogger abilities, that would be awesome!

This is a close up of the Love applique, font from Fat Quarter Fonts that I bought last year. So quirky, I love them. Also you can see that I first gathered the background fabric and ironed it so it would have wrinkles and see shabby chic and romantic. I free motion quilted hearts around the word LOVE, too! At first free motion was intimidating, but, like everything else, it just takes practice, practice, and more practice! Here is a close up....


Here is a close up pic of the 1/4 dresden plate corners.

I also added some thick piping and, of course, the ROMANTIC ruffle! The fabric was by Alexander Henry. The pillow also has a hidden zip in the back, but forgot to photograph that. Now I just have to figure out how to join the flickr pool so stitched in color can add my pillow to her pool??? Well, I was going to tell you about my horrible morning, but now it seems that the day is turning around...I figured out how to move my photos! That deserves a piece of chocolate to celebrate! I think I'll get right on that reward, too!
Hey! Go make a pillow, too!

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